Winton wrapup!

Bit delayed with the post but been busy with uni, only a few weeks to go! OK back to the car. So Sunday was a rather interesting day for us. We loaded up at 7am on Sunday morning and reached Benalla by 10am. Scrutineering was too easy, apart from forgetting our extinguisher at the workshop! Also got warned about the exhaust as it exits just after the diff.

Went out for the first ever lap in the new setup, the car felt a little loose up the front end with mass handling issues, not to mention the lack of steering lock! Rolled back into the pits, checked over a few things and turned out the collars on the coilover came loose. Checked all other joints and hitup a few more laps.

The car was feeling solid as, power was being put down nicely bar the gearbox finally starting to fight back; totally expected for a gearset which has been used since the days of Wednesday night Calder. Final run came in a little too hot and on the first scando transition, the front end decided to lock up which led us into the barrier with a few scratches*. Repairs are underway as we speak!

Big thanks to all that supported on the day but most importantly, the best of all friends, my brother. Few things added to the list of to-do's but either way, if all goes to plan, we'll see you all in December. Enjoy.
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