10.7 @ 140 MPH

Last week Bill went out for a few more runs and racked up some solid trap speeds having to end the day with 10.7 at 140 MPH due to no parachute. The car is currently undergoing a few changes to comply with the AMC.

Here's a quick video from the day, expect single digits anytime soon.

Quick updates

It's been a while since our last update but here goes. It's been pretty busy at the Transcar HQ; a few tweaks to the race cars have seen the two cars take different directions. Bill's decided to re-structure the car for Drag whilst Musty and Ibi are still on the wagon of drift.

Bill's latest outing saw him run a PB of 10.8 @ 132MPH. The boys are hoping to trim off another second after sorting out a few traction issues. Congratulations Bill!

Musty and Ibi were last out in April at Winton. The car was performing really well with a few minor boosting issues however all in all, a very solid performance.

Stick around for further updates.

Dustin' off the cobwebs

With over 4 months absence of track time, it was time to dust off the cobwebs and take the race down to the VicDrift practice day. In the late hours of Friday, we were up fitting the newly-arrived Nismo 2way LSD Pro diff; since it's last outing at Matsuri, the standard GTR centre wasn't coping with the tyre temperatures and causing mass-singling. A quick break-in and we were ready to load the car onto the trailer. Thankfully this time, we were out of the shop by 11PM.

Saturday morning we all met at the shop and after having breakfast, loaded up the final necessities before hitting the road towards Winton, with the standard Seymour Mobil stop off.

Upon arriving to Winton, we had a quick look over the fluids before rolling the car into scrutineering and then off for the first lap. Immediately we felt the car was having spark issues; swapping out the plugs (thanks Ender!), we were back on power.

To add to the woes, the front geometry felt out of place. After assessing the under-carriage, we pinned the issue down to the coilover collars coming loose and causing mass play in the strut. Nipping these up, the car immediately felt like it was on rails.

After almost 15 laps, we finally wore the tyres down evenly only to notice tyre pressures were on ~52psi (since Matsuri, we had bumped up the tyre pressures to put less load on the diff). Fitting up a pair of Regals, it was coming to the end of the day before we decided to call the day off. All in all, was an excellent day to break down the car. We can safely say the car is finally getting to it's peak level. A few items have been added to the to-do list and inshAllah in July, we'll be out making the most of track time.

Here's a link to in-car footage of the back section; by far the better part of the Winton course.

Hope to see you all in July. Till then, be easy.

GTR rear end

Sourced a GTR rear end to mate to the s15's under-carriage - currently it's running an s13 R200 diff with 5 bolt shafts.

Car #2

Bill's car had some paint put down on it and is in the process of being put back as I type this; Winton should see both cars out in December.

More pics

Few more pics from October's meet, big thanks to Jonno for the snaps; find him at http://www.facebook.com/itzjonno

Winton wrapup!

Bit delayed with the post but been busy with uni, only a few weeks to go! OK back to the car. So Sunday was a rather interesting day for us. We loaded up at 7am on Sunday morning and reached Benalla by 10am. Scrutineering was too easy, apart from forgetting our extinguisher at the workshop! Also got warned about the exhaust as it exits just after the diff.

Went out for the first ever lap in the new setup, the car felt a little loose up the front end with mass handling issues, not to mention the lack of steering lock! Rolled back into the pits, checked over a few things and turned out the collars on the coilover came loose. Checked all other joints and hitup a few more laps.

The car was feeling solid as, power was being put down nicely bar the gearbox finally starting to fight back; totally expected for a gearset which has been used since the days of Wednesday night Calder. Final run came in a little too hot and on the first scando transition, the front end decided to lock up which led us into the barrier with a few scratches*. Repairs are underway as we speak!

Big thanks to all that supported on the day but most importantly, the best of all friends, my brother. Few things added to the list of to-do's but either way, if all goes to plan, we'll see you all in December. Enjoy.